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Products and Services
Seybrite  Seybrite Trophy Cleaning Kits
Loading Animated Deer, Please wait... Trophy Cleaner Removes:

  • Dust and Dirt
  • Tavern Yellow*
  • Tobacco Smoke Stain
  • Grease / Odors / Mildew

Sheen & Shield Protects:

  • Ultra Violet Light damage
  • Tavern Yellow stain
  • Drying out, splitting and cracking
  • Airborne contaminants

Seybrite Trophy Cleaner Trophy Shield and Sheen
  • Easy to use: Spray on - Wipe off
    Brush when dry
  • Effective: Removes dirt and stains 
    ordinary cleaners can't touch
  • Safe: Will not harm user or mount
    No fumes, non-flammable
  • Economical: Less than 1 ounce
    will clean a deer-sized mount
  • Restores: Natural sheen to dull
    dry hair and brings back
    the naturalbeauty of the mount
  • Protects: By forming a dirt and
    stain shield over the entire mount
  • Conditions: Dry, brittle hair and
    prevents future drying out
  • Keeps: Trophies looking great
    and lifelike
* Tavern Yellow is the yellowish stain that years of neglect and contaminating cause. Seybrite trophy cleaner is the only product that has proven effective in removing the contaminants that cause this deterioration.
Prevention is cheaper and easier than restoration. Used once a year, Seybrite will keep your trophies clean and lifelike for a lifetime.

Protection Information
Sheen and Shield is a high quality product formulated exclusively to protect, condition and restore taxidermy mounts. Our product prevents deterioration due to ultraviolet light exposure, desiccation, and environmental soiling. Application to new mounts prevents the drying out of hair, fur, feathers, scales and skin such as snakes and all exotics. Especially in dry heat conditions (ie: near fireplaces, wood burning stoves, forced air heating, etc...).
After you have cleaned the soiled mount to your satisfaction, spraying Sheen and Shield on restores the lifelike beauty of the mount. It conditions by adding flexibility and suppleness to dry brittle hair and feathers while bringing back the natural sheen. By stopping deterioration, Sheen and Shield prevents color fading, desiccation, and staining while making mounts less attractive and appetizing to damaging insects.
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